Organic 3 Colours Quinoa

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Quinoa is versatile,quick cooking and very nutritious. It is often used by people on gluten free diets.

Organic 3 Colours Quinoa is made by a balanced combination of organic white,red and black quinoa. The darker colour and earthy grain-like flavour of the black and red quinoa is balanced with the softer texture and lighter flavour of the white quinoa. This results in a colourful , nutritious combination of texture and flavour. It can be substituted in any recipe for rice and is also great for salads. It can also can be used to bulk out soups and stews. Quinoa contains no gluten ingredients and is a good source of protein,rich in essential amino acids, vitamins B2, E and A and contains more iron than any other grain.


Organic Quinoa 15% Red, 15% Black, 70% White

Additional Info

There are no colourings or additives in this product, just 100% quinoa grain.