Kids Fuel For School Bundle

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Back to home school meal idea that make healthy eating even easier and give your kids a snack you can feel good about.

Having a healthy diet is key to your child’s development. It provides growing children plenty of energy for the home school lesson , aids concentration and memory and helps them reach their potential in class. With these nutritious kid fuel bundle will stay healthy and have more than enough energy to get through the school day. Get the kids involved and follow our kids fuel bundle to build a balance and healthy growth. Beyond that, studies show that establishing healthy eating habits in these early years impacts a person’s food choices later on. That’s why nutritious meal are key!

Of all plant milk, soy milk comes out on top for providing similar nutritional benefits to dairy milk, without the lactose. Made from organic soy beans or soy protein, soy milk is a source of natural plant proteins. Protein is an important part of a child’s diet and essential for normal growth and development. Just one glass of most soy milks will provide around 5.4g of protein.

Walnuts contain folate as well as omega-3. Both these nutrients primarily help in the development of the child's brain. These improve brain power by increasing memory and boosting brain cell activity. Walnuts are a good source of vitamin B1 and B6 as well. These are essential for brain tissue development and promote kids' nerve health,Walnuts should be a part of kids' diet as walnuts are nutrient-dense nuts. These are rich in unsaturated fat and other bioactive compounds, high-quality vegetable protein, fibre and compounds like tocopherols, phytosterols and phenolic compounds.

Kids Fuel For School bundle included:

1. Organic Soy Bean Powder ( No Sugar Added) 500g
2. Walnut Cranberry Omega 3 Trail Mix 150g
3. Chocoloate Banana Chips Granola 250g



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