Organic Soy Bean Powder (No Sugar Added)

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BuyInsidefoods.Com Organic Soy Bean Powder is produced from non-GMO soybeans from unpolluted area of north eastern China by an advanced process using steaming, freeze drying and then grinding the whole bean in to powder. With this special process, the nutrition and fibre contained in the soybean powder can be easily absorbed by the body.
Its to be the perfect alternative for lactose intolerant individuals or persons allergic to dairy milk. This rich and creamy beverages has no cholesterol, and has naturally ocurring soy isoflavones. Soybean powder is also good source of high-quality vegetable protein. Soy bean can be substituted for dairy's milk in almost any application or enjoyed alone as a delicious and refreshing beverage. It is indeed an ideal health food for people of all ages and vegetarian.
  1. No preservatives, No additives  & No Flavouring
  2. HACCP , MESTI & HALAL acquisition.

Organic Peel Soya Bean Powder
(Certified by BCS-Oko-Garantie,USDA,EU)

Nutrition Facts

Store in cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. After opening, store in airtight container.