Thai Dried Mango

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Whether eaten as a snack or used in a recipe, our Thai Dried Mango are sliced thin with a soft, buttery texture that will add some goodness to you and your family. These tropical-flavoured slices are naturally sweet and do not contain any preservatives. They're a good source of dietary fiber and vitamin A which helps with cell growth, healthy vision, and a strong immune system and they contain calcium,which helps promote bone health. Other health benefits of enjoying Dried Mango include the promotion of regulated digestion,healthier circulation, improved skin appearance, and a healthier heart. Mango is a healthy, sweet snack you can enjoy anytime.



Mango, Sugar


Suggested Use

Eat straight out of the bag or cut into small pieces and add to a trail mix for tropical twist.

Nutrition Facts


Reseal bag after opening, store in cool and dry place.