Walnut Cranberry Omega 3 Trail Mix (Family Pack)

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Walnut Cranberry Omega 3 Trail Mix is so outrageously good that many customers say that  they can't stop eating it. This trail mix is a snack with great value of Omega-3. and this big flavor trail mix is bursting with taste and full of nutritional goodness. It's packed with Roasted Walnuts, Roasted Cashew Nuts provide you Omega-3 'heart-healthy' fatty acids , while Dried Blackcurrant and our tasty Dried Cranberries are a good source of antioxidants.

For those days when you don't have time for all three meals, you can having this nut mix for home, the office, or snacking on-the go.Grab a handful of it and load up on heart-healthy fat, fiber, protein, vitamins and mineral.



Roasted Walnut,Roasted Cashew Nut, Dried Cranberry and Dried Blackcurrant.


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Reseal the bag after opening, store in cool & dry place for maximum freshness.